LDI offers community-based programs that provide an environment to grow and thrive achieving success in obtaining employment, living on their own, pursuing higher education or advanced job training, and developing healthy adult relationships.

Life Development Institute Programs

It’s about results.

For most students entering LDI, educational and employment success have been elusive. Their educational and employment difficulties have adversely affected how many view themselves and their opportunities for the future.

Since 1982, LDI’s community-based programs in a residential setting have provided a supportive environment for people to grow and thrive achieving success in obtaining competitive employment, living on their own, pursuing higher education or advanced job training, and developing healthy adult relationships.

1. The student makes logical connections between personal wants and needs across a variety of adult life decisions.

6. The student demonstrates independent ability to identify, enroll, and complete college or career programming with passing grades/scores.

2. The student is more self-aware of how their behavior affects the positive development of peer relationships. Significant reductions of “off the wall” comments unrelated to the conversation or circumstances.

7. The student is able to conduct an independent job search, interview, accept and retain competitive employment for at least 120 continuous days.

3. The student has increased awareness and improved performance in commonly accepted and practiced social graces.

8. The student comprehends and appreciates that employers expect all employees to perform certain job functions in specific ways.

4. The student displays less avoidance-type behaviors due to increased practice and personal responsibility in dealing effectively with the perceived risks of “failing.”

9. The student understands and complies with the policy/procedure demands of a particular work setting.

5. The student can make informed career planning decisions by utilizing a system of tools/methods that recognize & build on individual assets and manage functional limitations.

10. The student successfully lives on their own, manages the daily tasks of independent living, and begins to support themselves financially.

The purpose and intent of the LDI High School program is to provide an innovative pathway toward students receiving internationally recognized, fully-accrediated high school diploma — not a certificate of attendance or completion. The high school program does not restrict or limit personal growth and development to only academic pursuits. In addition, academic curriculum and methodologies provide students with an opportunity to concurrently gain work experience, begin to plan a career and take dual enrollment courses at the local community college. Students enrolled in this program also experience independent-living while assuming some financial responsibilities AND earn a high school diploma at the same time!

The LDI high school program is dedicated for older adolescents and young adults who are struggling with traditional secondary academics. The process provides students instruction, “real world” experience and tools needed to lead meaningful, productive and independent lives. The two-year program, which mirrors the (post-secondary program), includes a supportive campus and residential community that gives individuals the education, skills and training they need to live independently.

By offering a high school program in a community-based environment, the LDI gives students a chance to feel and experience independence, and instill a desire to succeed. The unique residential setting gives program participants the opportunity to live in a non-sectarian apartment community located in an upscale apartment complex in the community — not a traditional dormitory, or institutional setting.

The curriculum emphasizes a performance-based learning processes leading to increased scholastic success. Equally is the course of action promoting the development of self-determination, self-directedness and personal confidence. All the programs at the LDI underline development of adult-living skills, academic development, healthy relationships and pursuit of career pathways.

The LDI high school curriculum and program is (fully accredited) through the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement and is approved as a private special education school through the Arizona Department of Education.

Graduation Requirements

• Completion of all class projects, academic or other assignments, and related work

• Completion of 120 days of continuous competitive employment

• Engaging and participation in financial planning with at least $1,000 in savings from verified paycheck stubs from employment

• Completion and formal presentation of a career plan.  The career plan combines vocational assessments, field exploration targeting individual career education, training, and employment requirements.

Students who successfully meet the Institute’s graduation requirements earn a diploma recognized by colleges, postsecondary training programs, the military, or employers. It is truly a “passport” into the adult world and moving toward independent living.

The LDI Post-Secondary Program identifies a challenging set of goals that focus on learning and achievement for all adults, not just those with hidden disabilities.

Its instructional focus is on developing practical skills, experiencing and demonstrating consistent performance in the handling of common problem solving and decision making demands necessary for adult-life success. Thus, this course of study emphasizes those major life demands of adult functioning that require certain degrees of independence and personal competency in adult, workplace and academic proficiencies.

LDI offers a two year core program with three primary post-secondary options. These options are pathways and supportive placement into community-based higher education, technical and career preparation, occupational training programs, or competitive employment.

Many incoming students originally commit to a specific outcome such as college. However, it is not uncommon for a potential new student to be undecided or to change to a different path as new talents are discovered or to refine the career direction.

The core curriculum consists of morning classes in the main program building at the LDI. An individualized plan of action (IPA) evaluates three broad outcome domains – employability, workplace literacy and independent living skills. The results provide practical information and addresses the unique work, education, and community functional strengths, limitations, needs, and preferences of the individual.

The LDI curriculum is designed to address the specific developmental, academic and career needs of an under-prepared or inexperienced young adults. Activities and assignments include building self-esteem and self-confidence; improving basic study skills; acquiring knowledge and skills related to self-advocacy and leadership; and, identifying academic and career goals.

Students engage in both academic and experiential learning to demonstrate knowledge and skills especially pertinent to self-advocacy and leadership. General education outcomes as well as specific course competencies are then assessed using a variety of performance-based rubrics, learning matrices and other assessment tools.

Classroom instruction seeks to enhance practical education skills in reading, language, mathematics, and oral/written expression in subject matter of high importance to adult skill building and personal competence. These skills are needed and used in problem solving, critical decision making, and in living itself.

The foundation for occupational exploration and career development begins with an emphasis on developing employability skills that lead to work experience in the community. Through engaging experiential activities, demonstrations, and simulations, students learn by developing and applying competencies that incorporate employment-related and job development concepts into daily classroom and community activities. These type assignments help students become informed decision-makers in their own career development.

The core curriculum offers the time for a student to gain exposure to the vast array of Phoenix area colleges, training, and employment options prior to making a commitment to a specific career direction. Simultaneously, each student is also developing proficiency in managing the responsibilities of independent adult-living and learning to make healthy choices for her/his social and emotional well-being.

The program content follows an established instructional cycle based on 16 week trimesters providing numerous opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate their level of learning and achievement. There is program scheduling flexibility to accommodate students who desire additional outside college coursework or immediate work experience. Each student also meets regularly with the student’s advisor(s) to review and assess course/program progress. They systematically address cognitive, affective and learning-style needs along with any curriculum confusion or frustration.

Prospective International Students

We are delighted that you are interested in studying at the Life Development Institute International Student Program (LDI ISP) and welcome you to discover what LDI can offer in terms of academic, career, cultural and personal growth opportunities in beautiful Glendale, Arizona!

LDI is a fully accredited, college preparatory high school & postsecondary young adult program. We are an independent, non-sectarian program for higher education-capable young adults 18 & older, whose students thrive in a learning and living environment providing holistic academic and community engagement.

Our program creates a practical and inclusive bridge between the secondary and higher education/career development aspirations of Gap/PG students and/or struggling, but otherwise capable college students. We focus on improving readiness and academic success in college, identifying viable career ladders, building interpersonal and leadership skills.

Students access a substantial resource base of local colleges, career training programs, technical schools, and employers. Instead of a “one size fits all” placement approach, student education/training options are only limited by English literacy abilities and the internal desire to succeed.

Why Choose the Life Development Institute International Student Program?

Career — Studying at The Life Development Institute International Student Program will help advance your career more than studying in any other country. Businesses in your country recognize the quality of a U.S. education. LDI classes are small and mirror the workplace. Students develop comprehensive career plans and gain employer recognition of skills through earning National Career Readiness Certificates and up to six months of compensated optional practical training in preparation for work. This will give you an added competitive edge you will need, as you launch your career.

Flexibility — One of the distinctive features about The Life Development Institute International Student Program is the flexibility in choosing career programs. With over 500 different community college career certificate programs to choose from, LDI ISP staff helps identify appropriate, in-demand programs and helps with the enrollment decision.

Features — Intensive English as a Second Language programs, state-of-the-art computer labs, an excellent & safe apartment complex where you live with other students while attending college, career exploration opportunities, special international student advisors and a Diversity Center to meet other students, are all available for international students.

Location— The Life Development Institute International Student Program is located in Glendale, Arizona, USA, a large suburban city within metropolitan Phoenix. There is access to public transportation, cultural activities, shopping and many businesses within a short walking distance from the LDI campus and student apartment complex.

Admission Requirements

The purpose and intent of the Extended Services option rests in providing ongoing assistance and support to each student enrolled in these services. This component of the program is directed to mastering and improving social and adult-living skills plus, understanding of one’s employment responsibilities. Also, participation in the activities involved will further stabilize the student’s sense of empowerment, independence and success.

These services are designed for the student to exit the program as a more independent and competent adult. The desired outcome is that of a student skilled in adjusting and adapting to conditions or challenges — equipped with problem-solving skills and mature decision-making processes to meet and master adult-life situations.

The Extended Services module is specifically intended for students who have completed the second year coursework in the LDI post-secondary program and choose to remain at LDI for continued services. Students receive

Supports Provided

• Supported transitioning and supportive living services to assist in balancing program life and personal lifestyle situations. Opportunities to work-through social, interpersonal and other issues which arise by the multiple and ever-increasing demands of society outside the LDI community.

• Experiences that require making realistic decisions which entail increased performing/handling of independent living situational events related to apartment maintenance, dealing with negative neighbors, etc.

• Continuing development of techniques and problem solving skills to handle a range of independent living situations related to personal health care.

• Ongoing assistance in the form of advisement, job tracking and related services while applying employment, post-employment skills or facing termination/corrective action.

• Ongoing assistance in college advisement, developing updated accommodation documentation/plans, providing tutorial support, and maintaining contact with college/program faculty and disability services office.

• Mentoring on the necessary steps to prepare for first day of work, filling out required employment forms, selecting employee benefits, and ongoing performance expectations.

•Improving performance abilities related to interacting with others in the workplace setting on an interpersonal level.

• Financial planning, managing funds and budgeting – i.e., balancing a checking account, use Quicken software program to construct/track monthly income and pay personal living expenses through an individualized financial plan.

Frequency and intensity of these services are based on an agreement between faculty and funding sources and may be adjusted according to student performance and growth. The goal of the Extended Services component is to provide an individualized level of on-going support and to assist the student(s) in mastering the increasing demands of college, technical/vocational training, independent living and employment. These services provide student access for staff assistance and program support for as long as there is deemed to be a benefit. Some of students elect to live in LDI apartments with some level of support or move into their own apartments in the community and come to the program building for services scheduled around their work or off-campus commitments.

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LDI offers residential college and post-secondary preparation programs serving young adults 17 and above who have a learning disorder, learning disabilities, ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome, Autism, NLD, nonverbal learning disorders, PDD-NOS, and other related disorders.

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